Web4Groups Project
Alain Karsenty

This project is a European project within the Telematics Program.

Project description

The European Project Web4Groups aims at building an environment for asynchronous group collaboration on the Web. The Basic System provides electronic conferencing facilities, by which groups of users can create shared workspaces, discussions, annotations. The system can accomodate private information as well as public applications. A special care has been taken for the usability of the system, by providing capability for multi-lingual interfaces, and diverse access methods, through Internet, fax, email or phone.

The Advanced System also provides voting and editing facilities. Our contribution consisted in designing and implementing a server for Joint Editing of Documents, which allows a group of users to create and modify a single document using a regular Web browser. We integrated this server within the advanced version of the Web4Group prototype and successfully demonstrated its ability to manage shared documents. We also contributed to the final report of the Web4Groups project.


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